Member: User_vnumwz
Without a doubt the best.
Jun 1 2023
Member: J3N
Always feel great after a mini session with Robert!
May 26 2023
Member: Student Tim
Today was good practice finding a purpose and planning accordingly to go with the literature from the previous reading. The best readers are re-readers and researchers I am excited about coming back to what I started but this time drawing out more specifics.
Apr 15 2023
Member: Nina
Apr 14 2023
Member: User_2637054
what I needed when I needed it
Apr 1 2023
Member: Wifi
Always gives excellent advice and amazing support. Thank you!
Mar 25 2023
Member: genebean83
Good advice!
Feb 27 2023
Member: Student Tim
Robert really is a stabilizing force with how to leverage truth about how the Mind body and soul interact. Sometimes I think I have one thing under control and like today I realized some more balance was needed so that I can develop better system level thinking vs lower level observations; todays example of the environmental changes is a great aid to sensing stronger transitioning and better data collection and organization.
Feb 9 2023
Member: Student Tim
Great text (1 cor 13) today on what heavenly rewards are and referencing contexts stirring me to remember the basics of my faith and talk about it as prayers and beliefs can help others and myself think about recovery rest and better relationships.
Dec 31 2022
Member: User_6117393
Sorry that my balance was depleted. Great session as usual.
Dec 23 2022

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