Member: User_cvt2ig
I have called Dr. Betancourt for many years, and he has always been honest, positive, funny, direct, and no non-sense with his advice. He will tell you like it is. If you are looking for honest therapy that will help you change your mindset and offer you a better quality of living based on your thoughts!!
Jul 16 2022
Member: clm4631
Robert gave me some things to work on and was very helpful with the areas I need to work on
Jul 4 2022
Member: Student Tim
learned how to be more efficient today with the 8 step formula based on scripture and excellent story for “suffocating” evil. I like checking in to make sure I get the most out of the Bible and life Robert knows a lot of the questions I have before I even ask how refreshing today was to deepen understanding about changes and being able to share that knowledge and experience.
Jun 30 2022
Member: User_vnumwz
Robert is so great. Listen to what he says and it will change your life.
Jun 8 2022
Member: Learner
My first chat session with Robert was amazing. He seeks to understand clearly over chat and gave me ample time to provide background information. Then he offers powerful and practical suggestions for mindfulness. I feel a tremendous sense of inner peace and gratitude after chatting with Robert. I highly recommend that you chat with him or call him or both.
Jun 6 2022
Member: Mike
Robert is a great person to talk to about any topic. He is very friendly, listens very well, and is empathetic towards people. I've been a regular for years, and he's certainly helped me in many ways. I would recommend Robert to anyone who needs to talk to someone. He's very knowledgeable and provides creative resolutions.
May 14 2022
Member: User_5009774
Robert the best on here. Thank you for helping me today. sorry I had another phone call to pick up that ended our session. Thank you for assuring me that I am a communicator and opening up my eyes. I need to stop the missing thoughts
Apr 24 2022
Member: Tulips_Pink
Apr 22 2022
Member: Tulips_Pink
Thank you, good talk
Apr 22 2022
Member: Student Tim
Great talk today about why I do the work I do and how to love better on and off the clock. I have a few people I need to follow up with about coursework, housework, and for social I have some male friends and female friends hoping to make a first step by talking and not forcing them to receive my interests revisiting my prayers as well for how to reinforce my confessions to God.
Apr 18 2022
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