Member: H16
always has the best advice and the gives the most help, someone I can always rely on
Mar 25 2022
Member: Student Tim
I really liked the session because Robert sometimes uses a little humor in quotations to explain what the verse is actually saying. I liked the new insight about the Sampson story how he didn’t know the spirit left him. I actually think that applies in the reverse as well where we have received the healing but are unaware of it physically but spiritually the story is definitely continuing and very much more of a command type scene rather than plea for help.
Mar 21 2022
Member: genebean83
Good common sense advice
Mar 6 2022
Member: Student Tim
I really enjoyed the current event story and historical background with a ww2 example. I know I will benefit from the newer suggestions involving simple repetition to more elaborate communication, social standings, personal achievement, and christ activated peace.
Feb 23 2022
Member: Student Tim
I am glad I stayed for the extra session sometimes some of the points in the movies and the scriptures are so good it is worth repeating for context and when I hear a personal testimony about a current development with covid it helps me understand the concepts better.
Dec 27 2021
Member: TME270
Very good session. He helped me with a relationship issue.
Dec 16 2021
Member: J3N
Amazing support as always!!! Been talking to him for 6 years now and never fails to help me in times like these. Thank you for all that you do.
Dec 9 2021
Member: Student Tim
I liked the reassurance that my health is a physical priority and spiritual priority long term and short term noticing the solution has a lot of colors getting into some of the doubts about details that oppose the context and meaning of the word of God. I have some more tools this month and I am not alone there are some great stories of believers who have had much more difficult circumstances and also some on the other end. I am relaxed and thinking better than I was before proceeding toward desired results and less unhealthy conflict more real faith
Nov 29 2021
Member: H16
amazing as always
Nov 18 2021
Member: H16
Nov 4 2021
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